Adopting a rescued animal is a great way of contributing to the care of that animal, ensuring that more animals can be saved, and helping us work for permanent change for animals.

ADI fund the care for these animals for the rest of their lives: this includes construction and upkeep of the enclosures, food and nutrition, and veterinary services. We can’t do this without your help.

By joining our adoption program, you too can make a long-term commitment for these animals.  By giving just a small monthly gift, you can make a real difference for animals.

When you adopt an animal, you will receive:

•   An Adoption Certificate

•   A heartwarming rescue DVD

•   Regular News and Updates

•   A Christmas Card from your Adopted Friend(s)

•   Special Offers

Adopt a rescued animal here!

You can also make a donation (US/UK) towards the care of these lions, and the ongoing work of our Rescue Team.


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